To take Profile Picture as well as Full ...

ECG Plate

4 Plates - 2 for Hands and 2 for Legs fo...

BP Cuff

Standard BP Cuff for measuring the blood...

Pulse Oximeter

To measure the Oxygen Saturation Level a...

Infrared Thermometer

To measure body temperature of the patie...

Digital Stethoscope

To capture Hearth and Lung sounds in 24 ...


To perform Pulmonary Function Test or Lu...

Hand Dynamometer

To measure Hand Grip strength of the pat...

Touch Screen Monitor

A console for user inputs, like Profile ...


To check the level of glucose in the blo...

Haemoglobin Meter

To check the total Hb count of blood of ...

Cholesterol Meter

To check the lipid profile parameters of...

HbA1C Meter

To check HbA1C level of the patient...

Load Cell

Situated at the bottom of the chair, it ...


To perform Hearing Test or Audiometry on...

As of now Oliswell has the capability of performing 23 tests for parameters directly related to early detection of NCDs. The below table lists out the tests that can be performed along with the mapping of the devices that would be used to capture the inputs.The devises are just a part of the comprehensive solution to sense in the input parameters. The power of Oliswell lies in the backend engine of data analytics and artificial intelligence which runs various predictive models for early detection of trends for the NCDs, thus enabling the responders and healthcare professionals to take action.

Sr.No Task / Test Device Used
1 Patients Registration Monitor
2 Profile Picture Camera
3 Medical History Monitor
4 Test Selection Monitor
5 Vision (Refractive Error) Monitor
6 Vision (Colour Blindness) Monitor
7 PTA (Hearing) Monitor, Headphone
8 Cognitive & Executive Memory Monitor
9 Arm Strength (Grip Strength) Monitor, Hand Dynamometer
10 ECG ECG Plates
11 Weight Load Cell
12 Pulse (Heart Rate) Pulse Oximeter
13 Temperature Infrared Thermometer
14 Blood Pressure BP Cuff
15 SPO2 Pulse Oximeter
16 Auscultation Digital Stethoscope
17 PFT Spirometer
18 Stress ECG ECG Plates
19 X-Ray plate and Old Doc scan External USB Scanner
20 Blood Sugar Glucometer
21 HbA1c (Glycated Haemoglobin) HbA1C Meter
22 Total HB (Haemoglobin) Haemoglobin Meter
23 Lipid Profile (Cholesterol) Cholesterol Meter