About US

The current healthcare industry is striving to transform the healthcare system from a reactive to a preventive model. Corporations are also coming to the realization that to achieve better productivity from their organizations, they need to provide incentives such as employee wellness programs. While there are a few solutions in the market, they often stay disassociated from the mainstream clinical process.

Oliswell Lifecare Solutions aims at utilizing health data acquired digitally to drive data analytics and provide a comprehensive solution for entrenching preventive healthcare into the mainstream clinical process. In short, Oliswell Lifecare solution is designed to save lives from premature death caused by non-communicable diseases.

Oliswell is one of its kind solutions in obtaining human medical data in just five minutes and by empowering doctors with medical parameters that aid them in quick decision-making processes. Its analytics-driven comparative studies from heterogeneous data could help affordable health care be more accessible.

Our vision is to provide a fortified digital health passport for all.

In corporate settings, onsite wellness units could setup the Oliswell Lifecare Solution for convenient monitoring of employee health on a periodic basis. Oliswell Lifecare Solutions could also be made available at all public locations (airports, train stations, public events, malls, fitness centers etc.) that are frequently visited by people as they go on with their daily lives. Making fast and user-friendly health screening accessible in these locations could potentially encourage a productive use of 5 minutes of their idle time for preventive health care.