Oliswell Lifecare Solution is being Showcased in a Leading Healthcare Magazine.

This elegant story unveils the journey of IOTimize Healthcare Solutions India LLP that is focused on developing several technological solutions to uplift the current living situation of the population. Committed to deliver Equitable Healthcare to the underserved population, it has developed a solution to entrench preventive healthcare into the mainstream clinical process without demanding any extra burden on current healthcare scenario.

IOTimize is a solution-based organization having a group of passionate and dedicated professionals who strive round the clock to leverage the full potential of existing and upcoming technologies to simplify the complexities that frequently plague the public, irrespective of their age, location, education, or financial background.

All is Well’ with Oliswell

In current healthcare industry when others are providing preventive care solution in bits and pieces, disintegrated from the mainstream clinical process; the flagship product of IOTimize, Oliswell Lifecare Solution, or OWL is empowering preventive, primary, specialty care delivery, early diagnosis, medical and therapeutic intervention, and remote follow-up of masses. Oliswell Lifecare Solution is designed for saving life from premature death caused by non-communicable diseases. The solution focuses on individual’s comfort, minimizes their time spent, and aims to provide personalized perspective for preventive healthcare. The transformational solution intends to entrench preventive care into the mainstream clinical process, detect NCDs at early stage, disseminate secondary and tertiary care to the un-served and underserved population and engage friends-and-family in the treatment process for better follow-up care. OWL makes use of the communication technology for remote accessibility, advanced AI techniques for early detection of NCD, and social media based micro learning for better follow-up care. 700M people in India and more than 4B globally stands to benefit from OWL.